Frequently Asked Questions - Tampico Hard Beverages

What is Tampico Hard Punch?

The great taste of Tampico in a lightly carbonated alcoholic beverage.

How much alcohol is in Tampico Hard Punch?

8%, drink responsibly!

What kind of alcohol is Tampico Hard Punch?

Tampico Hard Punch Island and Citrus are both flavored malt beverages.

When did Tampico Hard Punch launch?

Tampico Hard Punch came out in April 2023!

Does the hard punch have real Tampico juice in it?

Absolutely it does!

Can I buy bigger than a 4 pack?

Tampico Hard Punch is available in 12 oz 4 packs or 24 oz single serve cans.

Where can I buy Tampico Hard Punch?

Here’s the link to our locator, there’s always more coming soon!

How many flavors of Tampico Hard Punch are there?

For now, 2!

How can my business sell Tampico Hard Punch?

Fill out this form here on our “Become a Retailer” page.